During the production of Far Cry Primal, I was lucky enough to be a part of both the Vegeteation / Biome team, and the Epic Hunt map team. I had two roles throughout the duration of Primal, Vegetation Artist, and Level Artist.

On Biome’s, I worked as part of a small team of artists (Jobye Karmaker and Yukiko Otsu). We helped (Agustin Trechi, Adam Lacharité , Pascal De Sampaio) our Ubisoft Montreal counterpart to create the Biomes for the Open World of Primal. We ended up working on assets for half the biomes, specifically, the Glacier & Tundra biomes, along with some assets in the Temperate and Taiga biomes.
BIOMES **Disclaimer** Not all of the levels pictured above are mine. They are to show how the biomes we created were used by the vegetation recipes & by level artists in the context of the levels. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- EPIC HUNT - LEVEL ART For the Epic Hunt, I was working with Dave Marhal – Level Designer, and Haeyong Cho – Level Artist to deliver the interesting mix of flavours that each gameplay region required.

  • Role Vegetation Artist & Level Artist


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